One day when I was twelve and sick with the flu my beloved dog, Sandy, was asleep next to me in bed. Tired of reading and having nothing else to pass the time, I started to draw Sandy. And so my passion to be an artist began. I didn’t stop drawing from that day on. The next step I took was to enroll in a high school that specialized in art. From there I went to study fine art at New York City’s Cooper Union. After graduating from Cooper I got a B.F.A. from the University of New Mexico.

Then I lived for a year and a half in Barcelona, Spain, before returning to New York to become involved in the New York art world.I continued to paint while supporting myself as a part-time textile designer.

After fifteen years I felt too isolated in the studio, so I stopped painting to engage in an ever-widening circle of involvement with people, eventually becoming a psychotherapist to which I brought the same passion that I had brought to art. I earned a L.C.S.W. degree from Yeshiva University. The intensity of this other creative endeavor has given me great satisfaction. Ten years ago I reduced the hours devoted to my private practice and joyously returned to my first love—art. The intervening years of life have provided depth and richness to my art work.